2017 Beijing Marathon improved

Beijing Marathon kicked off at Beijing time 7:30am September 17 2017, with 30,000 runners crossing the start line.

Image credit: Feng11

All runners enjoyed a clear blue sky and fresh air, compared with heavy smog in earlier years. Many runners had to slowed down their planned pace due to strong sunshine. According to Beijing Meteorological Bureau, the temperature when marathon started was 19℃ (66℉), and the highest temperature soared to  29℃ (84℉).

As the “National Marathon”, Beijing Marathon is a most expected marathon in China. This year our runners saw huge improvements.

  • The number of portable toilets increased to 567;
  • 15 aid stations along the course with water, sports drinks, energy gels & bars, salt pills, bananas, and refreshments;
  • 10 water spray stations for cooling;
  • 7000 volunteers;
  • finisher T-shirt for the first time
  • cold water foot bath and massage service at the finish area

Image credit: Feng11

We saw Yingfu Wang (80 years old) and his wife Zhangmin Wang (71 years old) completed another Beijing Marathon together to celebrate the Gold Anniversary of their marriage.

Image credit: China Youth Daily

Yingfu Wang (80 years old) in 2017 Beijing Marathon

The winner of male competition was Salah Eddine Bounasr from Morocco at 2:11:18, Melesech Tsegaye Beyene from Ethiopia became the female champion at 2:27:44.

The first Chinese runner to cross the finish line at Bird’s Nest was Zicheng Li at 2:17:36.

Zicheng Li


Although the improvement was significant, there are some issues out of the organizer’s control. Having completed all the 6 World Marathon Majors, Mr. Peng Gao got the Beijing Marathon finisher metal in Beijing today. He pointed out 3 issues of runners themselves: pushing before crossing the start line, aggressiveness at the aid stations, changing lanes carelessly during the run.



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