2017 CFLD Beijing Marathon

Beijing Marathon will see its 37th edition this Sunday, Sep. 17 2017. 30,000 runners will start from the biggest city-center square in the world – the Tiananmen Square and finish near the Bird’s Nest, the main stadium for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Beijing Marathon Starts in the heart of the city – Tiananmen Square, goes west along the main street – Chang’an Street, meaning Lasting Peace, going north along Kunyu River, which used to be an Imperial Canal for the Imperial families in Forbidden City traveling to Summer Palace, before enters the Olympic Forest Park and ends near the Bird’s Nest, the main stadium of 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

Beijing Marathon holds a special  position in runners’ mind. Chinese runners love it, for it being the oldest annual marathon in China, and the special place of Beijing – the Imperial Capital for the past nearly 1,000 years of history, the beginning of New China, where the People’s Republic of China was born on Oct. 1st 1949.

The finisher metal of 2017 Beijing Marathon, with pure gold inlayed in the center surrounded by two yellow dragons traversing through the auspicious clouds under a red palace on the top, which represents threes main features of Chinese imperial design (dragon, cloud, palace) and two main colors of Forbidden City (yellow and red).

Yet it is a pain for many runners, not because the entries are drawing-based (100,000 runners registered to win 30,000 places) , but for the poor air quality of Beijing. The organizer has moved the October event to September since last year, with a better chance to have clear Autumn sky.

Beijing could be one of the top cities for living giving that it has fresh air and clear sky. In the last 2 year, like many other cities in China, the government has build many running paths in the parks and along the rivers, to meeting the need of the fasting growing community of runners.

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