Shenzhen is a major city in Guangdong Province, China. Shenzhen is also a major financial center in southern China.

The Shenzhen International Marathon is an annual event that takes place in the beginning of December. It is a cooler time of the year and really suited for marathon running. Athletes can run in milder conditions and miss the heat of summer.

2017 Shenzhen International Marathon

  • Official Name: 2017 Shenzhen International Marathon
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Certificate: CAA Gold Medal
  • Official website:
  • Founded: 2013
  • Course record: Men 2:12:29 (2013) Asefa.Abrha Milow; Women 2:34:23 (2014), Elfneshe Melaku Yadon.
  • Next race: Dec. 18, 2017 (tentative)
  • Distances: Marathon, Half Marathon, 6K
  • Registration: Random drawing.
  • Age limit: 20+ for marathon, 16+ for half marathon, 13+ for 6K.
  • Race day temperature: The average temperature is 13℃ (55.4℉) ~22℃ (71.6℉).
  • Cut-off time: 6 hrs for marathon.
  • Map and course profile: please refer to gallery section
2016 Shenzhen International Course Map

2016 Shenzhen International Course Map

1. Regulations:

This competition is carried out in accordance with the latest rules of athletics contests as approved by the Chinese Athletic Association and the competition rules of Shenzhen International Marathon.

2. Roll-call:

Registered applicants according to race events between 6:00 am to 7:40 am, December 18th, 2016

3. Start order:

Runners shall be positioned in the order of Male/Female invited athletes, Male/Female CAA registered athletes, general Male/Female marathon athletes, half marathon athletes and 6-km race athletes. There would be a considerable distance of 20 meters the above groups.

4. Route closure time limit:

The race route will be closed to public traffic at various locations during the race. After the cut-off, the road sections will reopen to the public. Runners who fail to meet the cut-off times shall quit and leave the race course to avoid danger. Runners who exit the course may get on the pick-up transport to the finish area of each corresponding race event.

Cut-off times

Events Distance point Closing Time Concrete Time
6 km race 6 km 1 hour 10 min 9:10
Half Marathon 5 km 1 hour 9:00
10 km 1 hour 30 min 9:30
15 km 2 hours 10:00
20 km 2 hours 50 min 10:50
21.0975 km 3 hours 11:00
Marathon 25 km 3 hours 40 min 11:40
30 km 4 hours 15 min 12:15
35 km 5 hours 13:00
40 km 5 hours 45 min 13:45
42.195 km 6 hours 14:00

5. Runners article distribution:

All runners will receive one race T-shirt, one kit bag, a racing suit with bib number, a disposable transponder timing chip (for marathon and half marathon runners), a race manual and the certificate of participation.

The Organizing Committee will hand out race packs to the runners from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm, December 15th to 17th, 2016. The pickup location is the public square south of Shenzhen Civic Center. (For more information, please refer to the official website of Shenzhen International Marathon

6. Timing method:

(1) All events will start at the same time. The Organizing Committee will provide transponder timing chips for marathon and half marathon runners. Runners must go through all timing blankets, which are respectively placed at the distance points at starting, finishing, turning and key course points. Final time will be null if any of the time points is missed.

(2) The ranking for the top three male and female runners shall be subject to the starting gun, and the ranking for other runners (Group Marathon included) shall be subject to the net timekeeping.

(3) The Organizing Committee will not provide transponder timing chips to 6-km race runners.

(4) Timing chips other than the one designated by the Organizing Committee will not be recognized.

7. Personal belongings storage:

Marathon and half-marathon runners shall follow the instructions and rules to keep their personal belongings.

No valuables such as mobile phones, valid documentation, cash, keys, credit cards, and palmtops, etc should be left in bags.

Marathon runners may pick up their deposited personal belongings at the designated cloakroom before 15:00 on the race day.

Half Marathon runners may pick up heir deposited personal belongings at designated cloakroom before 12:00 on the race day.

Runners may also visit the Organizing Committee’s office the second day after the race to pick up their personal belongings. If the pickup time has passed, items will be treated as abandoned if they are not picked up within five days after the race ends.

8. Beverage, drinking water and energy replenishment stations

(1) Beverage stations will be located at 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, 17.5 km, 20 km, 25 km, 30 km, 35 km, 40 km points;

(2) drinking / sponging stations for water only will be provided at 7.5 km, 12.5 km, 17.5 km, 22.5 km, 27.5 km, 32.5 km, 37.5 km points

(3) Energy replenishment stations will be made available at 17.5 km, 27.5 km, 32.5 km, 37.5 km points

(4) Unauthorized individuals are prohibited from touching the drinking water and beverages for runners. Runners are prohibited from accepting any drinking water or beverage provided at places other than the water supply points specified by the Organizing Committee or given by other runners.

9. Anti-Doping

This competition will implement doping detection of runners according to regulations as stipulated by Chinese Athletic Association and IAAF.

10. Video Monitoring

The Organizing Committee will have video monitoring at the starting point, the key sections of the course, and the finishing point. Runners who violate the following rules will be disqualified. For serious violations, the violator will be banned from Shenzhen International Marathon for two years, and reported to the Chinese Athletic Association:

  • (1) Runners using a false age or being replaced by unregistered runners in the competition;
  • (2) One runner carrying another runner’s transponder timing chip or one runner carrying 2 or more transponder timing chips (including a male runner carrying that of a female runner) in the race;
  • (3) Disobeying the race order or starting the race at an unauthorized point;
  • (4) Violating the starting rules;
  • (5) Refusing to quit the race after the route closing time or going back to the course after quitting;
  • (6) Failure to complete the course before the official cut-off time, take shortcuts or jump into the race by taking transportation vehicles from part way;
  • (7) Refusing to follow the rules by crossing the finishing line repeatedly in order to get souvenirs;
  • (8) Unable to complete the race in order to get souvenirs;
  • (9) Runners in the marathon or half marathon failure to pass through the finishing point with their own two number bibs in line with the regulations;
  • (10) Runners using a fake number bib or a number bib of other competitions, to pass through the finishing point and get the finishing packs and finishing medals;
  • (11) Runners unilaterally altering, covering, or transferring the number bib;
  • (12) Runners passing through the finishing point with a chip not issued by the Organizing Committee;
  • (13) Runner completing the competition by relay.
  • (14) Failure to adhere to instructions or warnings given by the event officials.
  • (15) Runners portraying uncivilized behavior (such as defecation anywhere and careless litter dropping);
  • (16) Other acts that violate the rules.

11. Miscellaneous infractions.

Regarding other details and arrangements, please refer to the race entry manual distributed before the event (handed out when distributing race articles or downloaded from the Shenzhen International Marathon official website).


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    provide more info for shenzhen marathon and dongguan marathon

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    Hello ! I am from Singapore and i am interested in joining this marathon. But how do i go about with the registration cause the webpage says error 500. Mind if i ask about the fees for the half marathon ?

    Thank you !!

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    Posted by alberto| September 21, 2017 |Reply

    good afternoon ,

    I am Spanish, and in December I travel to China and I would like to run the marathon. How should I sign up?

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    Am from Zambia and am interested in running the Shenzhen Marathon. Please help with a link for registration.

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