How easy to catch marathon cheaters?

The past 2017 Beijing Marathon won high praise. Beautiful weather though hot and sunny, sufficient aids from mile 1 all the way to the finish area, 30,000 runners told 30,000 stories on the past Sunday.

Another side of the past event was revealed today. Marathon cheating might be seen here and there, but it never showed on stage in such a bold way.

Social media in China saw a wide-spread photo of 3 runners posing for pictures in Beijing Marathon wearing the same bib number. Later people found at least 5 runners were running with the same bib “D0198”. And there are several other runners that have fake bib numbers.


It should be some person selling Beijing Marathon bib numbers to multiple runners. When we blame those who cheat runners, we should blame those runners who cheat. It is good that they love running, but it is not smart at all to buy bib numbers, since we all know it is forbidden by all events.

What are they thinking when taking this picture? Leave your answer in the comments.

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