“My unregretful choice”

Zhanhe Wang, 67 years old, a retired worker in Jilin City, Northeast China, is a marathon enthusiast. His figure appears on the streets of his hometown at 4am every day.


10km (6 miles) morning running is his daily life, and he has been doing it for 41 years,rain or shine, winter or summer. If you would have been to Northeast China in winter, you know the temperature could drop to minus 30 degrees Celsius (minus 22 Fahrenheit). With hair and beard covered by white frost, he jokes that he is just like a running Santa Claus. The temperature in summer then jumps to 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) in summer. The skin peeling from sun burn has never stopped him from running.


Zhanhe said that he could have skipped a couple of days in the extreme weather, but he rather not. His passion about running pushes him forward to challenge the harsh weather and adapt his body to extreme environments.


Since 1997, he has finished 60 marathon and untras. He is also the record holder of the 60+ group in Guizhou Marathon.

On the wall where Zhanhe hangs his metals, the word says it all:”my unregretful choice”.

Recognition from Guizhou 100K for Zhanhe completing the race 5 years in a row.

He run one city after another, he creates personal records again and again. He says running a marathon could be the best way to experience a city, and the best part is meeting new friends, and enjoy the happiness the running brings to him.

Zhanhe was so proud to be selected as a torch bearer for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

“As for the competition, who really cares? Relax and challenge yourself! My goal is to keep running until 80 years old!”, Zhanhe said.

His next goal is the 2018 World Marathon Challenge, which is to run 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days, organized by Global Running Adventures. Participants in 2017 included Ryan Hall, Michael Wardian and amateur marathon runners.

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