Oliver Wang

Founder & CEO
International coporation executive, travel and running enthusiast

Renna Hu

Entrepreneur with global vision, multilinguist


  • Connector.

    Zuyu Ding

    Entrepreneur, Real Estate Industry opinion leader, sub-3 marathoner

  • Connector.

    Feibao Jin

    Entrepreneur, strategiest, explorer, adventurer, marathon runners

  • Connector.

    Ben Larson

    AdvisorEntrepreneur, influencer, coach

  • Connector.

    Marc Laveson

    Ultra-marathoner, entrepreneur

Employment opportunities

Runbuk™ is a team with a young heart like all runners, and we are looking for dreamers to join our team. Please email your resume to info(at)

Runbuk, Inc. is a Silicon Valley tech startup committed to providing a one-stop shop for runners’ logistics.

At the Runbuk™ website we connect runners directly with other like-minded runners and their network of running resources of local running events and suppliers.

Runners can make customized travel arrangements.

Enterprises and clubs can use Runbuk™ to book and manage group reservations to meet runners from other clubs in China or the United States.

Runbuk™ knows the Chinese and US markets due to our connections with the top Marathons in both countries – New York, Chicago, Boston … – Shanghai, Great Wall, Beijing …

We strive to make the Chinese and American running ecosystem smaller.

Runbuk, Inc. is a C corporation registered in Delaware. Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati(WSGR)provides legal services.

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